Hey! Our names are Leanne and Martyn and we’re The Affordable Backpackers! We made this travel blog to share our experiences, hints and tips to help you plan your own adventures.

A young couple smile at the camera. The young woman has orange hair, is wearing bright red sunglasses and has blue orthodontic braces. The young man is wearing a baseball cap backwards and sunglasses. They are stood on a beach and you can see the clear, blue sea in the background.
Leanne and Martyn – The Affordable Backpackers

We are currently saving our pennies for a place we can call home, so any travelling we do has to be on some kind of budget. 

We made Affordable Backpacker as somewhere to record our experiences and review where we have stayed, companies we have used and help explain how we went about getting from point A to point B.

We really hope you enjoy our travel blog and please comment if you have any recommendations or advice.

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