Potential bike scam alert!

At the end of a long day touring Hue, we exited the Tomb of Minh Mang. As we approached the car park, we could hear an argument between a local man and a french couple. On the phone to the police, the couple were claiming that this man was trying to scam them. Apparently their bike wouldn’t start, and the man had attended the scene a little too quickly. Wether the man did actually tamper with their bike, we don’t know.

Picture taken from the back of a motorbike, of the riders shadow before our bike scam incident.


Upon trying our bike, we discovered a fault of our own. The electronic ignition (which had been working fine all day) did not work. Our bike would literally not turn on – the same as theirs. As our bikes were parked right next to each other, the evidence was mounting up that something wasn’t quite right here.

Spotting our bike fault, the couple erupted in a fit of anger and the situation escalated.

How not to handle the situation

Getting really aggressive and shouting at someone is really not our scene.
I am useless at dealing with stressful situations, but luckily Martyn is as cool as a cucumber. Keeping his voice calm Martyn, raised an eyebrow and asked If the local man could help get either of the bikes started. Not surprisingly, after some theatrics he got ours going very quickly.

The french couple insisted they would wait for the police and we left them to it. We don’t know the outcome of their bike scam situation, but did see some police fly past us a few turns down the road.

After everything, we didn’t tip the helpful local, mainly because of the fishy circumstance. Had we not been around to see the event play out as it did, perhaps we would have fallen for this ‘trap’ and been none the wiser. Maybe the man was completely innocent, and just offering a helping hand? We don’t know, but just bear this in mind incase the same thing happens to you.

Luckily for us, it was the end of our time with the little scooter. We handed our bike back in, mentioned there was a starter issue. MotorVina, who we rented the bike from was really helpful regarding the issue, we would recommend using them when in Hue.

I hope you enjoyed our cautionary tale, yet Another reason to be really careful where you park.

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